Cryptolepis nalewka bezalkoholowa (200ml)
Cryptolepis nalewka bezalkoholowa (200ml)
Cryptolepis nalewka bezalkoholowa (200ml)
Cryptolepis nalewka bezalkoholowa (200ml)

Cryptolepis nalewka bezalkoholowa (200ml)

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Wyciąg ziołowy Cryptolepis to wysokiej jakości macerat glicerynowy wytworzony z korzenia Cryptolepis sanguinolenta.  Nalewka Cryptolepis polecana jest w Protokole Buhnera.



łac. Cryptolepis sanguinolenta


Wyciąg ziołowy Cryptolepis to wysokiej jakości macerat glicerynowy wytworzony z korzenia Cryptolepis sanguinolenta. 

Ze względu na regulacje prawne nalewkę Cryptolepis zalecamy do stosowania tylko zewnętrznego.


Składniki: korzeń Cryptolepis sanguinolenta, gliceryna, woda destylowana. Stężenie 1:5 

Sposób użycia: 2,5 ml  3 razy dziennie. 

Do użytku zewnętrznego. Zalecane steżenie w gotowym prepracie: 5-50%.

Pojemność opakowania: 200 ml

Przechowywanie: Produkt przechowywać w temperaturze pokojowej, w suchym miejscu, w sposób niedostępny dla małych dzieci.

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Gratitude and encouragement
rating 8

The product is effective and we value it very positively.
What we do miss is not knowing the origin of the raw material. Where exactly does it come from?.
Is it at least from responsible sources?. Do you have any type of supervision on your part or from third parties regarding the raw material you receive?.
Is the herb harvested free of synthetic pesticides?. Is it wild harvested?. Is it previously analyzed in a laboratory to detect heavy metals or fungi?.
What kind of glycerin is applied?. It is not on the label.
Is the glycerin used from a genetically modified vegetable, such as soy?
Is the water distilled? or what is the purification process that you apply to the water?. This essential information does not appear on the product label either.
As an alternative measure, do you have any online link where the customer can delve in a simple way into the manufacture of your products?.
We really like what you offer. That is why we also encourage you to offer the highest possible quality and transparency with customers. Thank you very much for your attention.


Hello Maria,

Thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately, we are not able put all the information you asked on the label. Below are the answers of your questions:

The raw material is wild crafted and it is sourced from Ghana. We test every batch for heavy metals and microbiological content. Some batches are also tested for pesticides. The raw material is then sent to manufacturing company in Germany which specializes in extract production. The company complied with all standards required by German law. The company also possesses GFSI certification.

The manufacturer uses distilled water. The glycerin used in our extracts is derived from a mix of various vegetable oils. 

We thank you for your feedback. When we can we will look for a way to expand the information regarding our products.


Lymeherbs Team

rating 10
Excellent produit et sans alcool, ce qui n\'est pas facile à trouver.
rating 10
jestem jak zawsze bardzo zadowolona, jakość, cena, cała obługa. Profesjonalizm
rating 10
Very good and reliable company
Mata emly
rating 10
De las mejores hierbas que existen para combatir la enfermedad y matar los parásitos demostrados en laboratorio. Pero hay que tener cuidado y no excederse con las tomas diarias, porque ya produciría efectos tóxico en el hígado. Acompañado siempre de desintoxicación.
rating 10
Excellent herb
rating 10
Rob S
Been using this herb for some time now for both me and my partner.
rating 10
Super tinktura za laym!
rating 10
Great product
rating 10
Voy a empezar a usarlo y me parece interesante ya q no tiene alcohol y lo puedo usar con el disulfiram, la dosis sería mucho mejor q viniera por número de gotas
rating 10

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