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Pakiet Babesia:

Zioła wg. Buhnera na Babesie:

  • Sida Acuta liście 100 g (Lymeherbs)
  • Alchornea cordifolia liście 100 g (Lymeherbs)
  • Cryptolepsis sanguinolenta korzeń 100 g (Lymeherbs)



Timely Shipping
I'm so impressed with the speed of shipping all the way to Australia with all this virus drama going on. Ordered 3rd December 2020 and received 11 December 2020. The herbs look great and I can't wait make tinctures with them. It's impossible to find these herbs (sida acuta, alchornea, cyptoleptis) in Australia currently except as very expensive pre-made tinctures. You've saved me a lot of money, thankyou Lymeherbs!